Longest day

The weather isn’t as good as last years summer solstice so I thought I’d share a few more photos of sunny Mallorca instead. We were on a boat the majority of the holiday and I couldn’t resist taking many many photos of the water. It was constantly changes colours with the weather/time of day/depth, you could take a photo of he water the most gorgeous green colour (see 2 posts below) and then half an hour later the sun had gone in and it was a gorgeous deep grey colour. Endless inspiration and just complete gorgeousness. Basically what I am trying to say is brace yourself for seascape overload in the near future, or when I have had a chance to edit them all! Getting back to the weather, can you do me a favour and keep your fingers crossed for good weather (or at least as little rain as possible) over the next few days, or I’m going to be very soggy and miserable when we go here.

I’m still puzzled about the black highlights, I really want to know why it does this. Its happened here, here and here and others that I havn’t scanned. There must be a clever scientific reason for this and I know I’ve asked before but can anyone shed any light?


  1. Galit -

    They are all stunning!!
    What camera are you using? Those holes are incredible! So it doesn’t happen in all photos? please share when you find out what makes them! Interesting!

  2. Pink Ronnie -

    HI Caroline, I think I found you via lamina’s blog. I’m so glad I stumbled across this space of yours. Your photos are just lovely. These water ones are almost mesmerising – so soft and dewy and yet I can almost see the movement in the water. Can’t wait to explore more of your little corner..

  3. Caroline Hancox -

    Thanks ladies, I think the little holes are a defect on one of the rollers – the camera is a fuji instax mini (so a mini fake polaroid!). I am thinking about taking it apart and cleaning it but I quite like them. It happens on all the photos at the mo (I cropped the one off that doesn’t have the blobs in this post)

    Hope that helps, I really recommend this camera its a little beaut


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