black and whites

I’ve been looking through my archives (and by that I mean jumble of images and folders on various different hard drives, I don’t make it easy!) looking for photos to turn into massive posters and uncovered this selection of entirely unrelated images that I thought you might like to see. Its not often I’m in a black and white mood but I love these results, and might do it a bit more.

The reason I was looking for images is I’m opening a little shop on the internet with poster sized prints. The top photo from this selection might make the grade, can you imagine it printed large with all those rich dark tones and highlighted plants – yummy! What do you think?


  1. Galit -

    Was waiting to hear some news on the shop!
    I think they all be fabulous but I can especially see the second photo (the mountains) as a large print! It will be stunning!

  2. Caroline Hancox -

    The shop is coming – just a bit slowly, too much to do and all that! Thanks for the comment. no2 is also a possibility and its great to get other peoples opinions as I have a hard time deciding!

  3. Pink Ronnie -

    These are beautiful – I love the first two shots and think they would both look great as posters and/or framed! I would definitely pay for that second shot…
    Ronnie xo


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