Hello! I can see you

Just wanted to say hi! And also that I was stung on the face by a bee (or a wasp) at the weekend, it got stuck in my bike helmet so please can I have some sympathy! I always want/need sympathy and attention and if I can’t get it when stung by a bee, when can I?! xx
Also if it was a bee you probably should give some sympathy to the bee too – poor bee.


  1. Ashley Moore -

    Oh no! Bee/wasp stings are horrible and even worse when they are somewhere as sensitive as the face. Ouch! I hope that it heals quickly and you feel better soon. *hugs*

  2. Caroline Hancox -

    ahhhh, bless you, thanks! I’m all better now though and I’ve got a fancy dress party at the weekend and I’m going to go as a bee!


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