My friend posted this Facebook status update this morning which made me chuckle and I thought I’d share it here, hope you don’t mind Neil:

Could whoever flicked the switch to Autumn put it back to Summer please!

We are having pop (by that I mean rubbish) weather here at the moment its flipping July, some sun would be good! Or at least a dramatic thunderstorm (they know how to do that in Mallorca, see above!).
Oh, and yes I am aware that I am a massive moaning cliché for talking about the weather but its what us Brits do, if the weather is bad then at least we can moan about it, try it people!


  1. Diane -

    Sunny, cool and pleasant here…very unusual for July! But you definitely don’t want storms like the one pictured here. We’ve had far too many storms like that one here in the States and they are devastating. (fun to photograph tho. haha!)


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