Entopic Group and Parallel Parking

A little while ago I was asked by Entopic Group if I would like to have a solo exhibition on their (fab) website. Thank you very much for asking guys, I would be delighted! In fact I think my initial reaction was YESSSSSSSSSS PLEASEEEEEE!!!!!!! My images are the featured exhibition for the whole of September. I highly recommend taking a look at the other artists featured on this site too as there are some complete stunners. These images above are the ones that almost, but not quite, made it into my show. To see the final cut click the link to take you to the site:
In other news, I havn’t shared a little story on here in a while so I thought I’d tell you about a stupid thing that happened to me the other day as it made me chuckle.
Basically, I cannot parallel park. I try every now and again in the vague hope that I may of learnt it in my sleep or something – never do! The other night there was a space right outside my house that was plenty big enough for my car so I thought I’d give it a go. I tried for what felt like half an hour (more likely 5 mins but I was starting to get a smidge stressed) to get my car in this gap. I even drove down the road, turned round and tried from the other direction. But nothing, there was no getting my car in that gap. I live on quite a busy street so lots of people had to drive past me whilst watching my attempts and I am pretty sure that my neighbours were laughing looking out their windows too – not that I blame then, I would of done the same. In the end I had to admit defeat and go and park it down the road under the bird poo trees (official name, no-one parks under these trees if they can help it, you can guess why). Anyway safe to say I had to wash my car yesterday because of the birds. I can’t help thinking that if I was filmed trying to park my car, it would of been a funny watch!

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  1. Annie -

    Your photos are so wonderful–congrats on being a part of the September artist exhibit! I look forward to seeing them all.


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