Exhibition and New Business Cards

There is a preview tonight for an exhibition that I am featured in (6 -8pm at Curwens Gallery, Royston, please come if you’re local!), I’ll be showcasing a selection of new circular prints (that is a blog exclusive!) so I needed some new business cards and labels. What do you think? I’m going for a new look, I’m quite pleased with the result.
Wish me luck for tonight! Below is one of the prints from the show.


  1. Caroline Hancox -

    Thanks! It went well, lots of nice things said which is always great to hear. Although I did hear one old man say “I don’t get these photos, no just don’t get them” Which his wife replied with the best comment ever “they are photos dear, why don’t you get them?”


    Popped into curwens this afternoon. Love the round format I assume you don’t cut the mounts yourself as it look very difficult I’d probably lose a finger trying.


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