Johny went cycling in Wales the other weekend so I tagged along and took a few snaps while he was biking and then afterwards we stayed in this little camping pod which was kind of like what I imagine a hobbit house to be like crossed with a fancy shed – highly recommended! That evening we crashed a lovely local girls 30th birthday party in the nearby pub and danced to 80s disco songs all night long! I heart Wales a lot.
Edit: I have been asked where the camping was, It was in a little place called Cwmcarn, near Newport, south Wales. I should of posted a link before but here is the link to the campsite now:
(you can also pitch your own tent) there is a great visitors centre too with an excellent café that did a mean fry up and the cakes looked tasty – maybe next time!
This might be helpful too: Google maps location


  1. Annie -

    Camping pods! I have never heard of such…but I like the idea very much. I am glad to see all of your beautiful photos.

  2. Kate -

    oh what a gorgeous location! do you mind sharing the name of the camping place? I would love to go there!


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