These are some of the things I saw in November. I dug out my little fuji instax after seeing these photos by Rhianne. They were so beautiful it inspired me to use mine again, I do love that camera!


  1. R. Chandra -

    i would loove an instax camera !

    these photos are beautiful & dreamy. i think i read in one of your other posts about photographing windows, & how it’s like an easy double exposure.. i’ve always thought that & totally agree. such a fun effect.

  2. Diana Mieczan -

    That last photo looks so magical and totally dreamy:) Hope you are having a great evening. xo

  3. Rhianne -

    hurray!! I’m so glad you got yours out too, isn’t it wonderful? I love the tones on these 🙂 beautiful!

  4. Shirley -

    Oh you remind me that I should use my instax more often! These are fantastic, especially the first photo is so dreamy.


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