Tidy Desk and Captain Scott

I thought that the state of my desk was getting a bit ridiculous so in the spirit of new years, resolutions and all that, I gave it a spring clean and it looks fab!  I mean, you can actually the the desk and the computer!  Here is a quick before and after as it amused me just how messy it was and will hopefully serve as a reminder not to let it get that way again!


So while I was taking photos of my desk I had to show you this:
It is called The Poladarium and is a calendar with a beautiful poladroid photo for each day, I really love mine, it is nice to have a different image every day.  In completly other news, I heard on the news that it is the 100th anniversary of Captain Scott’s mission to the South Pole.  I had no idea that it was the anniversary but strangly enough I am halfway through reading this book about the mission! 
I also heard that the Scott Polar institute (which in another coincidence, I happen to work right next door too) has bought some new images from the mission.  I think I will pop in one lunchtime this week to have a look.  I can’t quite believe that I have never been?  Bit silly of me really.

Oh and before any of you ask, No I havn’t just shoved everything on my desk out of the photo!  It is really and truthfully tidied up all put away in draws and everything!


  1. studio meez -

    I should take an example! Everything on my blog always looks nice and clean but people should see what’s behind me haha


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