Things lately

Been really busy getting things ready for the Tower Barzaar this weekend (Engine Shed Tower Bar, Lincoln 10 – 5, come along!!).  I should really have moved my production line into my studio (ahem, spare room!) but I was lonely up there and Johny was home, so the tiny table in the lounge just about worked.  That little leather pouch is a snazzy business card holder, it is the most gorgeous soft recycled leather from Erin Templeton  I saw it over on fieldguided blog and then followed the links and it just sort of ended up in my hands!  Shouldn’t be trusted with the internet, I buy stuff.  Other photos are exciting things to come so this is your sneak preview warning shot!


  1. Lolo -

    I love your photographs!
    I use to sell prints on my etsy store but stopped last year – I’m thinking about giving it a go again.


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