21st of March = SPRING!!!

So, its officially the first day of Spring. Clocks go forward this weekend. I love this time of year, early evening sun here we come!!!!!!!  Have you any signs of Spring yet?  We have a few sprouts of green and the possibility of some blossom but thats all so far.  Last week in the Alps in the lower down villages there were some pretty yellow flowers starting to pop up under the chair lifts.  So pretty, it always amazes me that there is so much life just waiting under the snow to burst into life, even more amazingly is that It really doesn’t take long.  

ps.  Sorry about the ‘pretty blosson’ photos – I just can’t resist!  I predict a few more before the season is done, I guess I’m more girly than I like to think I am!


  1. Pink Ronnie -

    That is just so beautiful, Caroline. A bit of girliness never hurt anyone. 🙂
    Ronnie xo


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