New Notebook

Ooooo exciting no?!   Pretty spring flowers and pastel colours.  Available in my shop.  I also thought I’d show you a few examples of the different coloured pages that you could get.

I have also just posted off a selection to a very cool gallery/shop in Hackney:  KK outlet so if you are in the London area you’ll be able to pick up one of these from there soon.  I think I have told you before that you can get them form the lovely Shipshape studios in Harrow and Cariad Gifts in Wales.  I am working on a few more stockists so watch this space.

Some sad news (not that drastic in the grand scheme of things don’t worry) my hard drive died a few weeks ago and turns out that it is totally unrecoverable.  Very very very very sad.  I had backed up all of the important work stuff but there were a couple of folders of personal photos that I hadn’t even had a chance to look through that have gone forever.  Taught me a valuable lesson though – ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS back up!  Even if it is not “work” stuff – you’ll be sad if it goes.

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  1. Jennifer Young -

    I love the notebooks that you create! Thanks also for the reminder to back up my hard drives–such a necessity!!! Hard drive crashes are the worst…so sorry!


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