I dropped this little lot off at the developers yesterday and am really hoping that there will be some forgotten gems in amongst all the negatives.  There better be, the odds are in my favour really, there has got to be at least 100 photos there!  I have had some of these films waiting to be developed for so long that I have completely forgotten what is on a few of them and even where I took the photos.  Which is one of the reasons (among many) of why I love film.  I know it is no secret that I am a film fan and I’m not alone in this but the anticipation is one of the best things!  Also how good is it that there is actually something real that you can hold and not just a bunch of mega bytes and binary code (I assume that is what digital photos are made of!)  Don’t get me wrong, I love my digital camera too and would be lost without her (yes I did just refer to my camera as ‘her’) but sometimes film is just more exciting.  Sorry D700, I still love you please don’t get jealous!


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