Streets and Eyes

A couple of weeks ago me and my boyfriend both had laser eye surgery (no we didn’t get 2 for 1 – would of been good though!)  Since then we’ve been following a strict regime which includes: eye drops,  no water on your face (that makes washing your hair and face very difficult!), no make up and the funniest thing:  little plastic eye shields to sleep in!  These weren’t particulary uncomfortable, more comical, I felt a bit like a big bug!  Anther thing was that they were stuck on with surgical tape which left big sticky bits of glue on your face that needed peeling off and I quite often didn’t notice until half way through the day!  Tonight though, is the last night I have to wear the eye shields and for the first time in 2 weeks I can wash my face with actual water, so excited!!    
The photo below is our first no speccy portrait, look how happy we both are.  I can’t tell you how good it is not to have to wear glasses anymore.  I didn’t ever particularly dislike wearing them but not wearing them is FANTASTIC!  I still reach over to the bedside table for my specs in the morning and then have a wonderful realisation that I don’t need them anymore.  The other photos were taken on what has to be one of the prettiest streets in London, somewhere near Waterloo.

If you look at the right hand side of the second to last photo, you will just about see The Shard, it is almost finished and is completely massive.  We have been watching it grow over the months from my friends excellent balcony view.

Also just wanted to tell you about a great story that I heard today and brightened up my rainy morning on the way to work.  It was described by the presenter as “the most whimsical breakfast radio show tale!”  So basically, there is a town in Scotland called Dull and a local resident discovered a town in Oregon whilst on holiday called Boring and has started a campaign to get the towns twinned.  So essentially Dull will be twinned with Boring!  It made me chuckle and I really hope that they manage it, if only for the road sign:

DULL twinned with BORING

Good times!


  1. Jennifer Young -

    So awesome. I’ve always thought about getting Lasik…would be nice not to reach for my specs every morning like you mentioned. You’ve almost convinced me! haha

  2. Annie Ellen -

    These photos are gorgeous [as always] — so glad you are glasses free! It must be a nice thing.


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