Drinking warm cider in paper cups

If it was on this year, then it would be the first night of Glastonbury tonight (as I mentioned here) so I thought that it only seemed appropriate* to show some of the photos from the past few years that I havn’t shown on here before.  It always amazes me the amount of photos that I take and also the ones that I overlook.  I can’t believe that I didn’t notice that flags photo at the top before and I remember writing off that whole film with that image on because it was a bit over exposed but looking at it again – I really like it.
*Thinking about appropriate-ness, did you see the program about taste and class with Graysom Perry?  Just watch it, it was amazing!  If you watch it you will get the appropriate reference 


  1. Jennifer Young -

    that top image is killer! i love looking back on photos and finding ones that i love more now than before…

    these are great snaps!


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