Sarah and Gerrard Preview

Gerrard moved into the flat below Sarah in London and they met in the hallway/porch when she was dressed up as a pirate, Gerrard tells this story a whole lot better than I do (I know this for a fact as he told it in his speech, there was not a dry eye in the house – half were crying with laughter the other half were in floods of tears of joy!) But the short version is that they fell completely in love and got married in a cute little chapel in Grasmere, in the Lake District.  From the moment I met these two I knew their day would just be filled with laughter, love, the biggest grins around, a whole lot of dancing and most importantly fun!  All of their family and friends welcomed me into their special day and you could just tell that they were having the best time ever, thanks Sarah and Gerrard, I had a blast!

More photos to come but I thought a teaser was in order.

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