Real Tweets

The other day I woke up earlier than usual and it took me a while to realise it, but I could hear all the birds tweeting away outside.  It made me feel like I lived in the countryside, for about half an hour!  We live on a pretty busy road in town so usually get treated to the sounds of cars going up and down not wildlife (its really not as bad as I just made that sound!) but it was a nice unexpected treat to hear and also to just switch off and not think of anything apart from listening to the birds.  Much better than being bombarded with modern + unnecessary tweets from Twitter.
When I’m not daydreaming and listening to the birds (sounds a bit like a Disney fairytale!) I’ve been trying to take some time to take photos for me and to create some more personal projects.  This all came out of a fantastic mentoring session with the lovely Joanna Brown (more on that to come).  I’ve had a couple of packs of Impossible Project Polaroid film in the fridge for a while that I’ve been saving for a special occasion.  I decided that that was a bit stupid and that it should just be experimented with.  So I broke it out and took a few snaps.  Most of them came out a bit overexposed and almost sun-bleached not what I was expecting but I kind of like that.  This one is one of my favourites, you can just see a faint Johny looking hot!  He is often a pain in the arse bit tricky to photograph as he likes to pull annoying funny faces.  Ha ha, love you beaut! x

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