I’ll never utter the words "I’m busy" again (probably!)

I’ve noticed quite a few blog posts recently about being too busy and if the state of being TOO BUSY is an addictive thing?  Or even if it just simply isn’t true and a bit of a excuse.  The fact that we think we are too busy when in fact we are just filling up our time telling ourselves we are busy and procrastinating about Facebook/Twitter etc!   Obviously people (me included) are busy, thats a given but are we as busy as we think we are?  The theme of not making enough time for yourself is linked massively to this and actually is a bit unhealthy.  How can we expect to work efficiently if we are knackered with brains full of a million and 1 things?

This really struck me as very important as I seem to just be soooooo busy all the time (I find this phrase really annoying and I am annoying myself saying it right now) so I am going to make a little promise to myself that I will never utter the words “I’m just so busy” again.  Yes, I may be busy but isn’t everyone else.  Why do I think I am so special?  So basically what I am trying to say to myself Is:

Just man the F up and get on and it!

Last year I hardly had any time to myself and this was a bit of a problem.  I know that I need a bit of time to create and just to be so that is what I am going to try and give myself.  Now back to the to-do list!


Some articles about this very subject written way better than I can put into words, that got me thinking:


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