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I’m writing a blog post!  Its been a while I know.  There is a very good reason that I have chosen today to do this and it is not just because I have a brand spanking shiny new website (good huh?!) but because a lot has happened over the last 5 days and I wanted to write it all down to help to process it all.

Learning is something that I think should be done as much as possible and for this reason I attended a workshop on Monday and Tuesday called Dare.  I urge you to go and have a look at this and what it is all about as it is so much more than just a photography workshop.  As was pointed out more than once – you can google how to use a camera – it went way deeper than that!  It is run by a guy called Gary and what I love about his work is that it is full of energy and he makes no compromises, it is all done completely his own way.  Its not for everyone, but personally I love his style.

There is something else significant happened the day before I was to attend the workshop that I wasn’t sure I was going to share but here goes: my (amazing, kind, and all round brilliant) Grandad died, it was a complete shock and knocked me a bit for six, I was in Devon with the rest of my family on Sunday grieving and not even thinking that there was any way that I would be attending the workshop – to be honest it didn’t really cross my mind.  But with some tough love from my Mum (thanks Mum – she is definitly not know for the tough approach!) and some words of encouragement from Gary, I decided to go.  I wasn’t really expecting to get much from it because of what happened the day before so all of my expectations were stripped away and I went in not really knowing what was going on!  Over the next 2 days though, I allowed myself to be completely vulnerable in front of a bunch of strangers who turned out to be amazingly supportive and genuinely lovely people, who didn’t run away when I cried in front of them all before I had even spoken to most of them!  We learnt so much, did a bit of street photography, I got carried away with asking people I met in the street if I could take their photos and took so much more away from this experience than I thought was possible on Monday morning when I was on the tube to the studios.

So thanks to every single one of you who were at Dare it was awesome, my Grandad would of approved!

ps.  Blogstomp is amazing!  Try it guys.


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  1. SImon -

    Some really nice work Caroline. Love the street portraits. It was very brave of you to come and great meeting you.

    • caroline -

      Ahh, thanks little brother. The guy with the glasses was a sweetie! xx


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