Massive mammoth bike ride to Paris


This is how I labelled our bike ride from London to Paris in my diary when my friend and my overenthusiastic bike loving boyfriend convinced me that this would be a good idea!  To say that I was a little scared is a bit of an understatement.

The persuasive friend is going to cycle from the UK to the tip of South Africa and she leaves in about a month (when she decided to do this though, she didn’t even have a bike! – she’s proper nuts that one, love you Annie!) To practice with the whole biking long distances thing though, she managed to rope John into cycling from London to Paris with her, I was less enthusiastic but after thinking about it for a while I realised that the pretty pathetic excuses I was was concocting in my brain were just that: pathetic excuses (they went something like this – “what if I can’t do it?  what if my bum hurts?  what if I don’t like it?  what if what if what if?………bleugh) so I agreed to go along too.

A lot of training rides, a new saddle (the old one was just a torture device) and some padded shorts later a group of 8 of us set off to cycle from Guildford to Paris and it was truly one of the most AMAZING things I have ever done.  It was hard (the longest day was around 88 miles) and we didn’t get into our designated stopovers until really late most days but the sense of achievement, the giggles the hill climbing the new friends (corny but true) the ferry ride the good spirits (no-one had any sort of tantrum or meltdown not even once!) and the 3 crazy Kuch’s was just fantastic.  In fact, I am, along with the other 7 members of our group a full on cycle nerd – we are thinking about doing something again next year it was that good.   I am so please that I did it, wouldn’t of changed it for the world.

You can follow along with Annie’s African Adventure here:

When we got back, one of the girls shared her highlights and lowlights list – I can’t share all of them here (tee hee hee) this is just a flavour:

1) Tartiflette bruschetta – no more words needed
2) Seeing that weird guy cracking up in the pub in Partridge Green when Stevie said she’d got mango juice everywhere
3) Potato shower/horse egg/pack of Tesco mince
4) Padded bums (contributed to a vast amount of the chat lets be honest)

1) That woman saying ‘the nearest pub is a 25 minute walk’
2) Maddie seeing that weird woman naked
3) Hills
4) That friggin dog (or Annie might argue that was a highlight!)

These are some snaps taken with some good old disposable cameras along the way (some of them are Johns – including the worlds best selfie).  I got quite good at taking photos whist cycling along, especially of the people behind!

71 88 100 107 110 109 108 111 98 96


7299 10 3847


Such good times, these photos take me back there instantly.  Hope you enjoyed them.



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