Film for the win

This film must of been knocking around for over a year, for some reason I saved up a few films to get developed and then forgot all about them in the madness of work and life.  So when I got these photos back from the developers today it was looking back in time.  These are some forgotten moments and memories that came back and smacked me in the face this morning – in a completely good way!  I’ve got a few more to come back so I’m even more excited now to see those and to find out what is on them!  The ones on Brighton pier were taken almost a year ago exactly as it was my 30th birthday treat.  I remember that the strap broke on my Holga and the camera dropped to the floor – the back bounced off and the film burst out, ooops – that is why you can only see Johny’s are on the pier, oh well, it all adds to the texture and the memories!

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