2016 film photography highlights

I’ve always shot photos on film, actual real film that you have to load into the back of the camera and then send off to the developers.  Its one of my favourite things and was my first experience with photography.  Generally I just use film when I shoot photos for fun or for personal projects but I do usually take a film camera along with me to work shoots too.

Last year I’ve been introducing film a bit more into my work and I love the result.  2017 will see a lot more of this from me.  There is something tangible and organic about film, its imperfections are what make it perfect.

This is 2016 on film (part 1 is here), its a mixture of personal and work photographs – turns out when I’m left to my own devices I take a lot of photos of plants, flowers and mountains!

Technical info(!)  These photos are shot on a mixture of different cameras and films (120mm, 35mm are mainly Portra, TriX and various other out of date randoms) on a Holga, Mamiya645, disposable cameras, Canon AE-1, various Polaroid cameras and a fuji Instax mini.

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