Why you should have a wedding album

The title of this blog post is pretty leading, if you haven’t already guessed my opinion on whether you should have a wedding album or not then in its simplest terms:



Making albums for my couples is to be honest, a total joy.  It is exactly the way that the photographs were intended to be seen, presented and held.  All beautifully laid out in a way that tells your story, having something tangible that you can hold in your hands and keep is the best way to share .  All the hugs, moments, personal little touches, the kick ass party you threw, your friends and family by your side celebrating your journey to get here and looking forward to what is to come for the future.   Having an album and looking threw the images of everything that went together to tell your unique story will send you right back there in a heartbeat and you can re-live it all over again and again.  You’ll remember the feelings, thoughts, emotions and everything in between that happened.  There is just something so real and tangible about holding the photos in you hands that is different to viewing them on the screen.  Plus you get to show bore show every single guest that ever comes into your house for years to come afterwards as well!!!



Seriously though, imagine if you didn’t have these memories made into an album and they just end up gathering digital dust on your hard drive (or worse – you forget which one of the many hard drives/computers/folders that you will have in a life time where you put them!)  What would your potential children/nieces/nephews think if they never get to see you on your wedding day and laugh at the old-fashioned hairstyles and clothes and just never ever believe how young and hot you look!!

I found this quote by Francesco Sambati in an article written about the importance of physical photos: https://magazine.the-impossible-project.com/do-we-still-need-physical-photos/  and it pretty much says it up much more eloquently than I just did!:


“The physical photograph is now more important than ever, in this world of continuous streams of images that become the past after a few minutes instead of many years. Now, physical photography holds together the past, present and future.” – Francesco Sambati



Contact me for full details of prices and options and have a look at the photos below for more album inspiration.



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  1. Emily Jenkins -

    Hello!! Hope your ok! Now I know our wedding was nearly 3 years ago but I know I should get an album made…I really should have done it before!! How much do you charge and would you still do one from 3 years ago?! Thanks!!


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