About Me

Hi! I’m Caroline – a real romantic, plant fiend, and just the person to photograph your most important moments.

I’m a major fan of the little imperfections that make people perfect, simple, unadulterated emotion, and finding beauty in the unusual and overlooked. I seek these in my wedding photography, capturing moments and memories that are relaxed and real from people who are creative and authentically them. I’m the perfect wedding photographer for couples who don’t typically like wedding photography.

Based in Basel, Switzerland, I get to photograph the most incredible people in the most stunning of settings – we’re talking elopements in the Swiss mountains and civil weddings in breathtaking cities steeped with French, Italian and German history and stories. Originally from the UK, I also photograph a select number of stylish London and Cambridge weddings a year too.

I don’t interfere with too much of what’s going on in my weddings, instead tenderly capturing the crazy magic happening around me as it unfolds, but I do have one requirement: the couples I photograph are madly in love. They’re bursting with adoration for each other, meaning they don’t worry too much about what their hair looks like and don’t mind if they get a bit messy. My couples aren’t focused on having “The Best Day Of Their Life” but instead want to enjoy their day with their nearest and dearest and just have a bloody good time celebrating. Being invited into a family or couple to document their love in all of its bonkers and wonderful glory is such an incredible experience – it still gives me butterflies seven years in to it, and I don’t think that will ever go away!


When I’m not behind the lens, you’ll find me outdoors and soaking up the gorgeous scenery. Basel really is an awe-inspiring place, and in the summer you can swim down the Rhine, getting out at the end for a beer on the bankside – bliss! I’m as content hiking up the hills with my boyfriend, John, as I am snowboarding down them. I also love wandering around cities and eating all of the food with him. I notice the little things and take pleasure in them all: I always make friends with dogs I spot in the street, I literally stop and smell roses, and I don’t mean to brag, but I’m pretty damn good at finding four leaf clovers. My love of plants and flowers means I’m slowly transforming my flat into a green paradise, with our balcony next on my list. I also really love art and cooking, but hate deciding what to eat and the daily ‘what shall we have for tea’ chat, and miss London pubs like a hole in the head (and multipacks of tea! We have to bring boxes back from the UK when we visit.)


My heart is very firmly attached to my sleeve, and I cry super easily – whether it’s old people in love, babies, cute animals, or when people try really hard at things (the Olympics makes me blub, because of how much effort they’ve put in). Authentic feelings, beauty In darkness and in light, and wonderfully crazy, eccentric stories – that’s my jam.

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I have been a photographer for more than 10 years now and in that time I have photographed over 100 weddings and many family and commercial shoots.    Up until 2015 I worked as a photographer for The Chemistry Department of The University of Cambridge.  I photographed all sorts of interesting things during my time there and met some very inspiring people.  As well as working at the University I ran my own freelance wedding and portrait business which is now my full time job.

I also have a first class degree in Professional Photography and started taking photos when I discovered the darkroom way back in college.  Shooting film is still important to me but I haven’t been in the dark room for too long!