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Madison in the Mountains

A "Day In The Life" family photo shoots.

If this sounds a bit much, and like you don't want to be observed for a whole day, I understand but let me assures you it really isn't really like that. I won't be photographing all the time. You don't have to "perform" or "pose". People can come and go, you can have a break and some time out, we'll drink tea/coffee. It's more about relaxing and growing so comfortable with me you don't notice I'm even photographing you anymore.

I'll come to your home (or other chosen location) and spend a day (or half day) with you to photograph whatever it is that you all do. Simple as that.

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I have photographed Madison for years so when her cousins and Grandpa came to visit form the States, I went with them to the mountains and simply hung out with them. No adgenda, nothing planned. It was magic. They showed me around and we spent the afternoon chasing about the meadows together. It was wonderful and resulted in this set of images which might be my favourite collection of photographs that I have ever taken. They are so free, wild and natural. I hope when you look at these you can feel the mountain air, the breathlessness that I felt charging up and down this (really quite steep) hill, the smell the trees, the joy and you feel the sunshine.

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couple kissing in front of the Stadthaus in Zurich, her hair is blowing in the wind and she's laughting, he is kissing her neck

If you are looking for wedding, elopement, or family photography in Switzerland (or further afield) introduce yourself and tell me all about what you’re planning.

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