Documentary wedding photography that lets you remember exactly how it felt to be there; right in that moment. Not just what it looked like, but what it actually felt like.

You are creative, fun and imaginative and you like to do things a little differently.


Overly formal, posed and stuffy photography doesn’t interest you. It’s all about showing how it feels.


That’s good news, it doesn’t interest me either!


Documentary wedding photography is my thing.

Ultimately, you are looking for something real and not contrived that represents how you see the world, your life, family and/or your wedding. Nothing staged, life as it really is.

couple hugging in a relaxed way for their wedding photos with a mountain view of Engadin and St Moritz wedding photograohy

Whether you’re eloping in the Swiss mountains, celebrating the day in a London pub, having a small civil ceremony at the Stadthaus, an intimate back garden picnic, or a giant destination wedding/knees-up in a French Chateau; I’m not there to boss you around or force you into unnatural and awkward poses that make you feel weird and uncomfortable. Rather, to witness and record the magic as it unfolds around you naturally.

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My style of documentary wedding photography will grab the honest and real moments that make the day unforgettable and are so important to you. All I’ll ask you to do is be yourselves. I’ve got a knack for putting people at ease (especially those who don’t like having their picture taken!)


You don’t want photographs that are destined to gather dust, never to be printed and stuck on a hard drive at the back of a cupboard forever more. Photographs that you want to plaster the walls with is the aim: these are those photographs! (The plastering on the walls kind, not the dusty cupboard ones!)

smiling bride hugs her new groom hochzeit fotograf schweiz

I want you to have a selection of images that reflect exactly who you are and how you felt. Full of beautiful moments that are an honest, atmospheric telling of your day. Photographs that you will love and be proud to share with your family and friends.


Think about how wonderful it will be when you are old and grey and all snuggled up on the sofa, looking back at your photos that you still love for the thousandth time.

couple in zurich on their weddings day in the sun

It’s all about that irreplaceable connection, and all the ways you show it but don’t even realise – that’s what I’m here to immortalise for you.


My kind of people are those who place more importance on the people around them and the experience they’re having than the stuff they might acquire.

Trends are temporary; but real, honest, emotional stories of love and life – they’re here forever.

The couples/families/people that I photograph tend to....

....Value the celebration and joy above the "details"

bride and her bridesmaids hug, they are all smiling one is pregnant. Bride has swallows embroidered on her veil. wedding photograph Switzerland

It's all about the atmosphere!

At weddings my couples aren’t focussed on having “The Best Day Of Their Lives.” Instead, they want to enjoy the day their own way.


They don’t want the pressure of having a super formal, stressful day. Instead they put the focus on having a good time with great company, a fab party, and tasty food.


They don’t worry too much about what their hair looks like or if they get a bit messy. As long as they and the people around them are having a good time.

....usually be a bit Worried about having their photo taken.

Honestly, you are not alone. It's a very normal feeling, don't worry.

I'm here to help you with that.


Many of the people I photograph say they don't like having their photos taken, or are nervous.


I really do understand your feelings.


Putting people at ease and getting you to (almost) forget you are being photographed is my main goal (and super skill!)


If you are still nervous or worried, it can help to have a couple/engagement shoot to practice.

....Dislike overly-posed and unnatural photos.

bride pink dress Schynige Platte, engagement photoshoot

Great, me neither!!

Relaxed, informal, real and candid photography is at the heart of everything I do.


I don’t interfere too much with what’s going on. Focussing instead on photographing all the crazy magic that is unfolding around you all, naturally.


At weddings, of course we will do some couple portraits and group photos (my Mum would want them, I'm guessing yours will too!) but in a natural and unobtrusive way.

It's essential to note that the wedding photographs you will receive will be a reflection of your day and your story.

If your wedding day is an energetic, crazy mix of high-intensity celebrations then your photos will be filled with this energy. If your day is calmer, quieter, more intimate and emotional then this calmness will be reflected back in your images. I would never try to make your wedding or your personalities appear to be different to what they are. This is one reason I try to get to know you as much as possible before the wedding date, and why engagement shoots can be particularly useful.


You do you; don’t try to be anything that you are not.

what exactly is


bride in a beautiful dress walking towards the camera at Hotel Castell wedding photography St Mortiz

Creative Documentary Wedding photography

Creative documentary wedding photography in Basel, Switzerland and beyond. Photography that ventures beyond the ordinary to tell the story of your day, as it really happens.

Elopement photography

If you are planning an elopement - exciting!! I'd love to be involved. Whatever you have in mind, I'll be there to capture it all. Get in touch and we can make a plan.

Engagement/Couple/Portrait photography

Let’s go on an adventure! Or, equally good: we can hang out at your favourite spot or even in your home. These shoots are not just for the engaged though. Perhaps you just fancy some photos of yourself for your website or of you and your loved one looking hot!? Maybe you are visiting Switzerland on holiday or on your honeymoon and want some epic photographs to remember the trip? Whatever it is, I'd love to photograph the moments for you.

Family photography

Family shoots are brilliant. Whether you’re celebrating a special anniversary or birthday, or just want to get some beautiful photos before your kids are all grown-up. They’re a fun day/afternoon/hour out that everyone always enjoys. I’ll simply ask you to play, interact and behave exactly as you always do with each other. There’s no need to do anything special or awkward or to dress up and force the kids to wear their best outfits, that they find uncomfortable. Just be yourselves. You are perfect as you are.


I have a whole brand new separate website for family photography. Which is full of details and more information. Please have a look to see if I'm the right family photographer for you.

Thank you!!

Our wedding photographs are beyond stunning! They capture the day perfectly and I can't help but get warm, happy thoughts each time I look at them. Neither of us normally feel particularly comfortable in front of the camera yet somehow you made us and our guests feel completely at ease, resulting in wonderful, natural pics. Some of my favourites are ones when we didn't even know you were taking!

wedding PHOTOGRAPHy Switzerland.

Basel, Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Swiss Alps and the rest of Europe.


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