What to expect from your family photo shoot in Switzerland.

mum and son throwing autumn leaves on a trampoline family photo shoot in Switzerland

You know that you want some awesome photos of you all together but you’ve never booked a family photo shoot before so don’t really know where to start.

Sound familiar?!

It can be daunting.  I do understand that.  For people like me who photograph families all the time we kind of forget what it must be like to have a family photoshoot for the first time!  So, I thought that I’d give you some tips.  Share some details you might not have thought of, answer some questions that you have and/or didn’t know you had.  Things I’ve learned from all those family photo shoot sessions to help ease your mind.  Family photo shoots in Switzerland should be fun for everyone, they should result in photos that you love and that are natural, real and represent who you are.  

mother and sun playing in their garden family photo shoot in Switzerland

I hope I can take a bit of the mystery and any potential worry out of it for you.

What I really want is to photograph you being you, together.  Warts and all! So, if you will let me in just a little bit, open up and prepare to be a tiny bit vulnerable the results will be magic.

son stands on dads shoulders, mum and sister look on. During a family photo shoot at home in Basel in Switzerland

Before I go onto the TOP TIPS I have to say: I love the images from this family photo shoot. They are so natural, real and full of the life of this family. When I go to a family home to do a photo shoot, I never really know what to expect. This can be a bit daunting but also exciting. I just have to let go of any expectations and preconceived ideas that might happen on the photo shoot and let the moments flow naturally.

It truly is a collaboration between you and me. You guys let me into your lives and I record all the magic that unfolds.

And it really is magic.

You can see some more images from different family photo shoots in Switzerland over here.

family photograph everyone is looking at each other and smiling family photo shoot in Switzerland

Back to why you are here though. Below is a guide of what to expect from your family photo shoot in Switzerland.

1: Be yourselves.  Whatever that might look like. 

You do not have to do anything special, or pretend to be anything other than yourselves.  You don’t have to dress up in your best clothes or do anything in particular.  Just come as you are.  I want to see the real you.  

small boy reaches out to the camera family photo shoot in Switzerland
toddler about to jump into Mums arms family photo shoot in Switzerland

2.  You don’t all have to look at the camera all of the time.  

You pull the best and most natural faces when you are looking at your loved ones.  In fact unless I ask you too, I really don’t want you to look at the camera at all.  Looking at each other will make you feel much more natural and result in those intimate and real images that you are after.

mum and dad with children on shoulders pose for a family photo shoot in Switzerland at home in Basel

3.  You might be nervous but that is OK.

In fact feeling nervous is totally normal.  One of my main jobs on a family photo shoot is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, so hopefully you forget I’m there, at least for some of the time.  This way you can open yourselves up, just a little bit, let me in and show me how you all are naturally together

young child sitting on a windowsill in the sun with Dad next to him family photo shoot in Switzerland

4.  It’s OK to take a snack/nap/emergency break during the family photo shoot in Switzerland.

Bring along some favourite snacks in case anyone gets tired and to stop an impending hangry outburst.  We can of cause stop mid shoot for ice cream/bakery etc stops.  A schogiwegli is always a good distracting tactic!   This can be a good photo opportunity and keeps everyone happy and well fed.

children eating a snack family photo shoot in Switzerland
toddler waving a leaf around in front of Dads face family photo shoot, Basel Switzerland

5.  I know I said bring snacks but please try not to bring too much extra unnecessary “stuff” with you.

Great photos can happen as we move between different locations, these in-between bits and spontaneous moments are photo gold.  You tend to forget you are being photographed at this point, which is perfect.  Please try to bring with you only the essentials so you are mobile and don’t have to worry about where you’ve left your bag! 

boy smiles at camera family photo shoot in Switzerland

I want you to be able to grab each other for a huge hug, run off into the distance, climb that tree and paddle in the river if you want.  It is a shame to miss out on these photo opportunities because you are lugging around a huge bag full of bits and bobs that you don’t really need.  I’m more than happy to carry some things for you if you need me too.

parents throwing kids in the air, kids are smiling and laughing family photo shoot in Switzerland

6.  Try to forget that it is “a family photo shoot”

I’ll help you with this but if you focus on spending time together and enjoying each other’s company rather than focussing on the photo shoot element this will result in a genuine experience that is so much more than standing in a line and grinning until your cheeks hurt.  The photographs will be better too.

family sitting on a sofa with dog on a family photo session Basel
toddler walking towards Mum with a smile on her face

7.  Don’t worry if your little one is not behaving how you want them to during the family photo shoot. 

Honestly, they are probably not being as bad as you think.  In fact, when kids are being just a little bit naughty, you often get some really fab photos!  I’m not saying we encourage bad behaviour or that you let them do whatever they want.  But, if they are playing up a bit, try not to stress out too much.  Don’t worry about losing “photo-time” or that they are not doing what you expected them to, I like to be flexible so if we need a time out and a re-set that is completely fine.

boy jumps for joy on a family photo session Basel

Often, it can be best if we go with whatever energy they are giving us at that moment and embrace it.  Even if it is not what you had envisioned!  For example if they are in a particularly crazy, running about the garden kind of mood, just go with it.  I know you know that if you try to get them to sit quietly and have a cuddle when they are tearing about looking for bugs, they are most likely to resist.  You know your children better than anyone, just do whatever you have to do and don’t forget that you are in the photos too!

boy pushes his face up against some mesh on a trampoline family photo shoot in Switzerland

8. Choosing the location for your family photo shoot in Switzerland.

There are so many options so this can feel overwhelming or you simply don’t know what will look good in the family photographs.  It’s important to pick a location that feels right for you and reflects you as a family and what you like to do.  It can be your home, a favourite walk you do, a holiday destination, the local park, where you go to get the best ice creams, the city you live in and love – anywhere!  Don’t worry, I’ve got a whole bunch of suggestions and some favourite family photo shoot locations here in Basel and Switzerland.  If you have ideas, we can incorporate these into the shoot too.  

portrait of a dad and his two children family photo shoot in Switzerland

Practically, if you have a new born then I would always suggest doing the family photo shoot in your home as it is a familiar, cozy environment and you won’t have to worry about your baby being too cold or too warm.  It is easy and it makes for wonderful photos of you all in your home at this special time.  Other than that, we can go anywhere!  I’m always up for an adventure.

toddler looks at camera with toy pig

9. “My home isn’t nice enough” or “I’m not looking my best at the moment”.

There are really 2 different things going on here but they kind of follow the same point, I popped them both in here together.  Firstly, your home is your home.  It is nice enough, it’s yours.  Don’t worry about that at all.  I would perhaps tidy up a bit before I arrive but you don’t have to go nuts, a home that looks lived in is a joy and you will want to remember what it looked like in years to come because that is all part of it isn’t it? 

mum is throwing a little girl in the air, girl has a delighted look on her face dad and brother a watching and smiling too

Things don’t stay the same, people or homes.  How it is RIGHT NOW is what I am interested in.  Secondly – your kids (and your partner if you have one) think you look amazing exactly the way you are (and so do I).  The way that they look at you and play with you is all that matters and what I hope you will see when looking at the photos.  So what if perhaps you have a bit of a wobbly tummy at the moment – don’t we all!

mum and daughter hug

10.  Mostly, it’s meant to be fun.

I want you to enjoy your family photo shoot in Switzerland and to create memories that you will hold onto forever.  Your children will grow up, you might move house, move cities, move countries.  Grab these moments and get these photographs now so that you will have them to enjoy in the future.

boy on a trampoline in the sun during a family photography session

I hope that demystifies the process a little, gets you excited for your family photo shoot in Switzerland and answers some of your questions.

Please get in touch if you have any more questions, let’s get a family photo shoot booked in and grab those memories eagerly with both hands for the future.

mum and boy looking at each other and laughing in the kitchen of their home
family photo shoot at home with sitting on the sofa with a dog in Basel

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