+ You live in Basel, so do you work in Switzerland and the UK? How does that work?

It’s true! I’m lucky enough to work in both the UK and in Switzerland, but I also travel all over Europe. I'm originally from the UK (a little town called Royston which is near Cambridge). I moved with my boyfriend to beautiful Basel almost 5 years ago now which was an exciting and unexpected move. We feel very lucky as we love it here so much. The flights are very frequent and quick and I always make sure that I arrive for weddings at least two days beforehand.

+ So you live in Basel, do you speak German then?

To my utter shame I am not great at speaking German. I understand a lot more than I can speak. I am pretty good at what my boyfriend and I affectionately call “shop German” - I can ask for things and most of the time understand the answers! Especially when it comes to ordering food and drinks in restaurants/bars/cafes - I sound like a total pro then. Learning German is something that I am working on and I really want to improve.

+ Do you edit all the images?

Yep, every single one that you receive. By its very nature, all digital photography (when shot in RAW) needs editing. I always do this in a clean and classic way so that you both look your best. I don’t do any spot colour editing or any silly trendy filters as I find this a bit faddy and it will ultimately date your photos quite quickly.

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+ Can I have all the images from the day?

In a word: No! Sorry if that sounds harsh. I generally take anywhere between 3000 - 5000 images on the day itself. So, part of my job is to edit the selection down so that you get the best of the best. Trust me, you won’t want all of them. But I don't believe in holding any back from you which is why I don't set a limit on the number of images.

+ While we’re at it, how many photos will I get?

This really depends on your day, but for a wedding it’s usually around 400 to 600. Sometimes more.

+ How long will I wait for my images?

I will do my very best to get them to you within 6 to 8 weeks. I know, you’re desperate to see them. I’ll edit as fast as I possibly can. Commercial clients, family and engagement photoshoots depending on the job and the time of year, will be looking at a lead time of between 1 and 2 weeks.

+ Can You photoshop me thinner/taller/with better muscles etc etc?!

While technically I possibly could, I wouldn't do it. I believe that you look amazing as you are. You are marrying someone who thinks you are already perfect. Or, you are on a family shoot surrounded by your loved ones who think you are the best thing in the world - they don't care that you might have one more chin than you would like! I'm all about body positivity and hope that you will see this in the images too. If you have something temporary like spots or a bruise that you would rather not be in the photos then, if possible, I can remove those.

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+ Group photos: where do you stand?

No problem. We’ve got to keep those mums happy, haven’t we? I’d advise that we don’t do more than around 10 groups though. You don’t want to miss too much of your wedding.


I have written a lot more about planing the group photographs at weddings over in this blog post so you might want to check that out.

+ Do you just do weddings?

So pleased you asked! I do all sorts. Weddings, family shoots, engagements, elopements, commercial. Just email me to discuss whatever project you have in mind.


If it is Family Photography you are interested in, you can view more about that over here .

+ What should I wear to my engagement shoot?

Best possible advice for this one? Be yourself. Even if you think you ought to be in a dress and heels, if you’re a jeans and a t-shirt girl, just go for it. The name of the game is comfort and for you to be and feel like yourself.


It is a good idea not to bring any extra "stuff" with you so that you aren't faffing around with bags. Some of the best moments can occur when you are just walking, chatting. moving between locations and spontaneously moving around. This can't happen if you are dragging along extra bags. It takes away from the natural fluid movements and moments so try to just bring yourselves.


Also, if possible, no phones in pockets of your jeans, you can always see them through the fabric!

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+ We hate having our photo taken. How will you cope?

I love this question, especially as it’s usually followed up with: “You know that episode of Friends when Chandler can’t smile? That’s me!”


To be honest, absolutely nobody tells me that they love it. But they all end up loving their photos so what can I tell you? You’re obviously more photogenic than you think, gorgeous!


I completely understand though, it's a very natural feeling, but it's my job to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera.


If it makes you feel any better, here is a painful "outtakes" video of me trying to record a little "thank you video" for my website!

+ Do you have insurance?

God, yes. Don’t trust any vendors that don’t!

+ I’m having a mid-week wedding. How about a discount?

If you’re getting married on a Monday – Thursday or having a beautiful winter wedding (oooo, maybe you’ll get some snow!) then I do offer a small discount on my normal rates.

+ Can I print my images?

Please do. Don’t let them languish on the Cloud or stuck in a draw. The copyright always stays with the photographer but you get what are known as “usage rights”, so print away.


When you receive the photographs in your own on-line gallery there is a shop section so you can order prints and albums directly from there if you would prefer.

+ Can I have the Raw files?

No, part of the process is the editing so they are simply unfinished without this extra step.

+ Can you recommend any good wedding venues in BAsel?

I certainly can! Have a look at this blog post for more details.


We loved how natural everyone looked, capturing some really great moments. You fitted in with everything at the wedding so seamlessly – we’d definitely recommend you!”
- Alison and Luke

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