Chateau St Julien, France. Emma and Matt

A wedding at Chateau St Julien, Poitiers, in France!!!!!

Yep it was a dreamy as it sounds.

When Matt initially enquired with the words ……….. I knew I wanted to photograph this wedding!  (I want to photograph all the weddings but castles in the French countryside – extra big fat yes!!)  It wasn’t only the fact that it was in France though (which his basically local to me now! )  that made me extra excited.  It was the way that they spoke about each other when we Skyped and what they had to say about how they wanted their wedding to go.  They both love France so they wanted to share their love of the country with their friends and family by bringing everyone over for a hot August bank holiday trip to France with a wedding in the middle.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that.

Chateau St Julien itself is everything that a dreamy French Chateau should be, I loved it and hoe to be back.

These are some photos from the day, it was the hottest day of the year, I’m not even exaggerating about that, the lady who was doing the catering lives in the village and even she said that it was unusually hot!  It didn’t stop the festivities, it did however cause my phone to overheat whilst using it as a Sat Nav on the drive back to the airpot but that is a whole other story!  I am getting side tracked, all I really want to say is Emma and Matt:  You two are wonderful, I loved how you celebrated your love for each other in this special place and Thank you so much for bringing me along for the ride.  I loved it!