If you are looking for Family Photography in Switzerland that captures you in all your messy, joyful and wonderful glory, I'm so pleased that you're here!


Take a look at the images below and I hope that you can imagine yourselves in these photographs.

Let me tell your story, it's beautiful, I'm sure of that - whatever it might be.

Family photography, Switzerland

Family photography can be so varied and wonderful.

You are looking for some awesome photographs of you and your family together. Thats great! Let me help you with that!


I believe in documenting the “normalities” of your everyday family life. Celebrating and noticing the small things you do together that you don’t even realise you are doing. These are the things that solidify your family together and what I want to photograph for you. Its all about you hanging out as your really are. No posing, no props, no fake smiles - just doing whatever it is that you do when you spend time together.

The perfectly imperfect everyday.

Family photography is all about capturing a snippet in time.

It's about focussing on this moment in your lives. It doesn’t have to be monumental or huge or for any particular celebration or occasion. It can just be you going about your everyday lives, this is to be celebrated as much as the "big stuff".


You do not have to do anything special, or pretend to be anything other than yourselves. How you are right now is exactly who you are meant to be.

So, just come as you are. You’ll be more than perfect.

My family photography sessions focus on moments and gestures. You want to see the real you in your photographs not some staged performance that you don't recognise and that made you feel awkward and weird doing! I won't make you do anything that makes you feel icky I promise!


It's all about your truth in all it's messy, intimate, bonkers and tender glory. What I really want, is to capture is you being you, together. Warts and all! So if you will let me in just a little bit, open up and prepare to be just a tiny bit vulnerable the results will be magic.

Let's photograph that Magic.

If you are interested in Family Photography in Switzerland, please get in touch.

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