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Creative documentary-style wedding photography based in Switzerland that ventures beyond the ordinary. For urban love stories, wandering souls and elopements in the wild. Let’s create something different.

Wedding Photography Switzerland.

Informal and relaxed wedding, elopement, portrait and family photography in Switzerland and beyond. For stylish couples, fun-loving families and dreamers who value emotion and the people around them above everything else.

Hello there, you made it!

I’m guessing (hoping!) you arrived here because you are looking for a wedding photographer or perhaps a photographer to capture your family or your elopement? Either way, I’m glad you are here. Have a look around, get in touch if you have any questions, I’m here to help.


I'm a wedding Photographer in Switzerland

My photos are a calm and tender documentation of crazy, eccentric people who are deeply, madly in love – and I adore the beauty of each and every story.

I take joy in capturing the beauty in the unusual, the perfection in the imperfections and I’ve never met a love story I didn’t like. In fact, the more eccentric your journey, the keener I am to photograph it. I’ll never over-pose you, ask you to do something cheesy, or suggest anything that just doesn’t feel like “you”. My couples tend to be relaxed, artistic, non-traditional and lean towards the whimsical. Stylish creative types seek me out and I could not be happier about that arrangement. I love to work with like-minded souls: those who don’t mind hiking into the mountains for an adventure and who don’t need to be asked to smile at one another because they’re already laughing.


Tired of seeing the same thing? Me too. Wedding photography has become a little bit manufactured. If you’re capturing the most intensely romantic day of someone’s life, you need to feel every moment vividly. You need to infuse every shot with passion. This is wedding photography for people who typically don't like wedding photography!

My Style


The fleeting moments, the looks and the feelings that make up your life together, these are what I want to capture. When it comes down to it, its all about love.

I’m a major fan of the little imperfections that make people perfect, simple unadulterated emotion and finding beauty in the unusual and overlooked. I seek these out in my wedding photography. Capturing moments and memories that are relaxed and real. I’m here to photograph all of the unbridled joy, authentic emotion, and the “in-between” moments that often turn out to be the best of all.


With a passion for both the fresh, ethereal splendour of the Swiss mountains and the gorgeous grittiness of urban landscapes, I specialise in couples who are light of heart and free of spirit.

It sounds a little disloyal to say but wedding photography can be a bit, shall we say, stale. Ever since the birth of things like Pinterest and Instagram, everyone’s creative spirit seems to have blended into one single stream of repetitive ideas until truly unique, individual wedding days seem to have become a rarity. Wedding trends come and go but a true eye for original composition is forever. That’s what I hope to present you with after your wedding day: a collection of photos that break the mould, that make you gasp with delight, that show you something truly unexpected and special.

Based in beautiful Basel, Switzerland , I offer honest, creative wedding photography in Switzerland and beyond. (I'm always happy to travel anywhere in Europe, where do you fancy going?!).

My photography focuses on fleeting moments of authentic emotion, joyful serendipity and, of course, the slightly mad way that two people can love one another. I’m lovely to have around and have oodles of experience (over a decade’s worth, but that makes me feel dusty).

This is stunning, surprising documentary style photography as you’ve never seen it before.




I just have to tell you that we are soooo sooo sooo happy and touched by your beautiful pictures…

MY GOD !! how do you do this?

Everybody needs Caroline in their life’s and their weddings…These pictures are absolutely phenomenal! and we cannot even express how thankful we are!!! I am touched, shaken and stirred. absolutely beautiful!


- Sarella and Chris

Creative, informal documentary Wedding photography for stylish couples in Basel, Switzerland and the rest of Europe.