a cool couple and their small child enjoy a quiet moment at their wedding in Zurich

Wedding Favourites

Your wedding or civil partnership day is a massively important date to you – and me as well. As a wedding photographer, I want to create real, happy and relaxed images full of magical little moments that you will love and be proud to show off to friends and family for years and years to come.

I’m based in Basel, Switzerland and Cambridge in the UK (I share my time between the 2!) but I travel all over the place (I have a secret yearning to photograph an elopement in the mountains of France – anyone up for that?!).

I like to do things a little differently and love creative, fun, imaginative couples (just like you, yep you!) I’m not interested in overly formal and stuffy photography.

Life is beautiful, unpredictable and gorgeous and my main love is telling people’s stories in a real and honest way. Everyone is special and capturing the love between two people on their wedding day/civil partnership is such an honour and a privilege and I love love love sharing that day with you and creating something special.

My style is quite documentary and modern in its approach with the main aim being to capture the whole essence, look and feel of your wedding day. From the biggest smiles and belly laughs, the lovely details of your dress, cute dancing little bridesmaids, tears in the ceremony, and hugs (I’m a massive fan of hugs!) to the groom sneaking adoring looks at his new bride, proud parents, and everything else in between. Capturing your day as it really happens in a discreet way and seeking out the wonderful little fleeting moments so you will remember exactly how you felt on that special day when you look back at the images. I want to help you to reminisce about how fab it all was when you are sitting on your sofa all old and grey and still very much in love, and for you to proudly bore your grandchildren with the photos for the millionth time!

In addition to this reportage and natural approach I also do some creative couple photographs of just the two of you and I also like to offer some group photographs (because even if you are keen not to have too many “staged photos”, my Mum would want a group shot or two, so I am guessing yours would as well?).

If all this sounds good then please [get in touch], we can grab some cake/tea/wine and you can tell me all your plans, I am dying to hear what you’ve got planned.