You live in Basel, do you work in Switzerland and the UK?  How does that work?

Yep I work in both the UK and in Switzerland, but also all over the rest of Europe.  At the end of last year I moved with my boyfriend to Basel (which is an amazing city!) which means that I now work both over here and in the UK.  Basically my commute is just a bit longer now!  I used to work all over the UK anyway so not much has really changed.  The flights are very frequent and quick and I make sure that I am in whichever country I need to be at least 2 days before the wedding.


Do you photograph Civil Partnerships?

Of course. I don’t care if you are a girl and a boy, a girl and a girl or a boy and a boy. It doesn’t matter one tiny little bit to me. Love is all that matters (I realise that sounds a bit sappy but it is true!)


We hate having our photo taken will this be OK?

Ha! I love this question, especially as it usually comes with “You know that episode of Friends? Well that’s me!”.  To be honest, I don’t really know of couples who say to me that they LOVE having their photos taken (except you Sarah!) so really don’t sweat it. Its my job to worry about that and to get you relaxed and feeling fab.


What should I wear to my engagement shoot?

Whatever you want! Honestly, I know that isn’t massively helpful but I want to take honest photos of the two of you and what you really look like. So if you are jeans and t-shirt kind of girl then maybe wear those jeans that make your bum look fab and your favourite t-shirt. If you are a fan of a vintage tea dress, then wear that one that you got from the cute little shop when you were away for the weekend and that makes you feel fab. Or for the guys if you favour a sharp shirt and slim jeans then go for it (you get the general idea don’t you?!). Basically don’t try to dress up as someone else and be who you are not. You are fab as you are so show me the real you. On a practical note, if we are going to be running through the countryside, maybe leave the pep toe heels at home!


Do you edit all the photos?

Yep, every single one that you receive. By its nature all digital photographs, when shot in RAW (the professional file format of choice!) need editing. I always do this in a clean and classic way so that you are looking you best and everyone is sparkling! I do not do any spot colour editing or any silly trendy filters as I feel that this is a bit faddy ultimately will date your photos. I want you to look back at them in years to come and laugh at the funny hairstyles and outfits not the silly editing!


Can I have all the images from the day?

In a word: no! Sorry if this sounds abrupt but I generally take around 2000 – 2500 images on the day itself and lots of these are multiples to avoid people blinking and pulling funny faces! So, part of my job is to edit the selection down so that you get the best of the best.


On this subject, how many photos will I get?

This really depends on your day itself but for a wedding it is usually around 400 – 600.  Commercial photography varies massively.  Please get in touch for more info.


How long will it take to get the images?

I know that you are keen as mustard to get the photos back, I’m impatient too, totally understand that! So for a wedding I will try to get you a little sneak peek to you within a couple of weeks and the final images will be delivered 4 – 6 weeks after your wedding date. This is so that I have enough tim to edit all the photos and make sure that they are perfect.  Commercial clients, depending on the job but there is usually a lead time of between 1 and 2 weeks.


Do you do group photos at weddings?

Yes of course. I also have a Mum who wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t get a photo with her and my Dad! It may not be your top priority so I like to keep this part short and sweet. I can help you come up with a list that will please everyone but not eat into your day too much. I’m not one of those bossy photographer who yells at everyone to get in position (you know the sort!)


Do you have insurance?

Hell yes!


I’m having a mid week wedding do you offer discount?

If you are getting married on a Monday – Thursday or having a beautiful winter wedding (oooo, maybe you’ll get some snow?!) then I do offer a discount on my normal rates so please just hit that contact button and get in touch.


Can I print my images?

Yes by all means, with all of my photography work whether it is commercial or weddings, use will receive a CD/DVD or digital download of the high resolution JPEG files that are ready to print. The copyright always stays with the photographer but you get what is called usage rights.


Do you just do weddings?

Nope, I do all sorts, take a look here to see my Commercial work. I love the variety that comes with doing lots of different genres of work and I thrive on mixing things up. I basically love to go on adventures and tell stories with my camera and through my images not be tied down to one specific genre, I do however have a strong sense of style that runs through all of my work and connects everything together.


If there are still some questions that I haven’t answered then please just get in touch