A warehouse wedding at Ostquai. Wedding Photography, Basel

A trip on the river Rhine, married at the Zivilstandsamt, apreo at the museum, a BBQ and brass band at the coolest warehouse wedding venue in Basel: Ostquai. Yep, it was wonderful and all in one beautiful, sunny and colourful wedding day.

Ostquai, warehouse wedding photography Basel, Switzerland

Oh my goodness, what a wedding.


It was possibly on the hottest day of the year! Steffi and Severin's wedding was what all weddings should be; overspilling in love, fun, laid back, vibrant, infused with personality, fantastic food and so much laughter, music and dancing.


Severin is a member of Brassdepartment which is a brass band (but not like you know it, think hip hop and funk - they cover Snoop Dogg and I'm pretty sure some Outcast too). On the wedding day the band performed at the Apero, then again while we were all on boats being driven up the Rhine. This was such a cool experience for everyone (including me, I LOVED it) We whizzed along past all the Rhine swimmers with their wicklefish bags listening to the band playing all the way up to the harbour area to Ostquai wedding venue. They played again later in the evening and were accompanied by some seriously impressive dancing too. When I left in the early hours of the morning the party was still in full swing. Thanks for having me guys, what a wedding day.


They had a special hochzeit beer brewed especially for the occasion too. Ic ould go on and on but I won't. Hopefully the photos tell the tale better than my words do.

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