Wedding Questionnaire

Please can you fill in this form for me?  The more information you can provide the better.  If you have any questions then just let me know.

Thanks and see you very soon!

  • Please be as detailed as possible and include everything that you have planned. The more details you can tell me the better.
  • I would recommend that you don't have more than 10 different group photos, please allow around 5 mins for each different combination.
  • Rest assured I wil be documenting the day for you as it unfolds and will be photographing all the key moments as they happen. This is just in case you have something extra special or personal that you need to let me know of in advance. For example, if your Mum made the cake and you want a photo of her with it. Or maybe your ring is your Grandmas wedding ring. Or perhaps you have a friend visiting from Australia and you would like a photo of the 2 of you with them.